Blakey & Brian Desert Dunes

This location legit blew my mind. I was so giddy. I wanted to stay forever. I wanted to camp there. I wanted to bring my dog. I wanted to show my husband the beauty that was not the same as it was captured by camera. This was what I imagined a perfect shoot to look like. When Blakely and Brian showed up to the dunes I knew they would be a perfect fit for this location. They were so sweet, fun, playful, and flirty with each other. THEN they said they brought their dog and life by some some stretch of the imagination got so much better. We were sweating our booties off the first half of the shoot but Blakely and Brian were champs.

Also look at her, she is the cutest and trendiest person. I wanted to go straight to Nordstroms after to try to find those overalls. She had so many options of outfits that would look amazing on these dunes. This couple was serious goals. When sunset hit and we were done with photos we didn't want to leave. I brought a snowboard from home so we could 'sand board' down these sand slopes. Is that a thing? If it wasn't already, we totally made it a thing and it was amazing. A word to the wise though, bring a dune buggy or something to give you a ride back up to the top. Because walking those dunes were brutal.

This shoot was so much fun. I had way too much sand in my hair and shorts after but I wouldn't have traded that for the world. Blakely and Brian, y'all are the cutest.

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