Chris & Carsten Joshua Tree

We woke up super early, got coffee and a breakfast burrito and drove to Joshua Tree from Palm Springs. On a normal day I would be grumpy because I didn't get my eight hours of sleep but this was going to be my first time in Joshua Tree so I was stoked on life. As soon as I saw Carsten and Chris, I knew the session would be magic. Like look at her hair. She probably had whiplash from how many times she had to flip her head. I'm obsessed with her hair. We did a few stops at Joshua Tree and on the way to our locations Chris and Carsten were sharing their stories from work. They seriously have the coolest stories. I want them to start a podcast: I would listen to it before bed. It was such a fun day running around the park watching Carsten's dress fly in the wind and snapping a million photos. Also! It was their anniversary! Happiest marriage day to these two cute patooties.

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