Lakin & Dillon Texas Engagement

THESE TWO!! My heart throbs with love for them. Lakin and Dillon flew me out to Texas to shoot their engagement photos. They picked me up from the airport and we went right to this hiking trail for their photos. Lakin is one of my favorite human beings. Half of her words are quotes (mainly from the Grinch). She gets me. Our boys sat in the front and we were in the back. Lakin was having Tori do her nails on the way. This was my first time in Texas and I realized there were NO mountains. Maybe I should have known that but it never crossed my mind how flat it would be.

Taking photos of these two was magical. Texas charm was HAPPENING and Lakin was brave enough to sit on this poky grass and get bitten by fire ants for a shot like this. They took us to some Texas BBQ after. What a perfect day, photos and BBQ. The next day I got to tour a wedding venue with Lakin. She's going to make the most beautiful bride! I can hardly wait. Enough of my talking, enjoy these photos.

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