We were thrilled when Sten told us he was going to ask Tori to marry him. As soon as we spent time with Sten we knew he was perfect for Tori. Tori says I am her hype girl and it's nothing but the truth. So I knew I had to get to know Sten to see if he would be good for my girl. After spending a weekend with him in Texas, Josh and I both were sold. We were always asking "what do we have to do to keep this guy for good." Selfishly we wanted him for good so we could be his friend forever. Sten is the most helpful guy, he is lighthearted and caring; he is silly but responsible and driven. But seeing Tori with him is what sealed the deal even more. I had never seen her so genuinely happy before. I had never seen her care for someone the way she cares for Sten. He lifts her up in areas where she is killin it but is compatible in areas where she wants to improve. I could not have found a better guy for her.

It was Tori's 25th birthday and Sten told her they would be going to the country club with his family to celebrate. We all hid in a room waiting for Sten to propose then we would all be standing behind her back when she stood back up. Sten had put so much work into getting us (her family) out to Arizona and coordinating with the staff at the country club so we wouldn't miss a beat. And a beat was certainly not missed. It worked flawlessly. I love the emotion on Tori's face as Sten asks her to be his wife and then more emotion as she sees her family. (cue all the happy tears).

Sten comes from a big family and they were there to meet and celebrate Tori and Sten. They welcomed the Valdivias in with big warm open arms and we got to experience what life for Tori has been like with them.'s incredible. Tori had raved about mama Beth to the point where I was confused if I had met her before because I talked about her like she was my friend. Mama beth DOES NOT disappoint. She is the most hospitable welcoming woman. Tori is marrying into an amazing family. I'm already trying to get Eden a place with the younger generation Hamann boys because I want Josh and I to be included in their traditions. They are the kindest souls. You can see it in these photos.

We got to share a meal, pop champagne, and share words to celebrate these two cuties. I cannot wait to do all the wedding planning with the new FIANCE.

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